Orthodontics is the specialty through which we achieve the correct alignment of teeth, beautiful smile and functional bite of our young and adult patients.

Through precise diagnosis and timely treatment we can treat successfully dental and/or jaw deviations, crowding, crossbite, open bite, improper teeth alignment, facial and skeletal issues and many more. In children, misaligned teeth and bite make it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene and affect their proper function, which can lead to a number of complications. Experience and practice show us that this can be prevented with early preventive examinations and timely early orthodontic treatment. When we have to solve more complex cases and/or skeletal correction is required we follow the most established approaches and systems, such as the Alexander discipline. We at Sky Dental KIDS believe that orthodontic treatment is the key to functionally arranged teeth and a beautiful smile that gives self-confidence for a lifetime.

Diagnostics Diagnostics

Orthodontic malocclusions or deviations can be genetic or due to a bad habit. They can also appear with the formation of temporary (milk) dentition and therefore we advise the child to visit an orthodontist at preschool age. The periods of 6 and 9 years are extremely important, as this is the time when children grow the fastest and each deviation or deformity can be corrected more easily and in a shorter period. Before diagnosing the young patient and preparing a complete treatment plan, an orthodontic consultation must be performed. It takes place in several stages:

  • Pictures of your child's face and teeth are taken;

  • Digital scans are taken from both jaws;

  • 3D printed models of teeth are made;

  • Two X-rays are appointed - panoramic and lateral cephalometry;

  • The orthodontist gets acquainted in detail with the habits of the child.

Orthodontic consultation should not be neglected, as each of its stages is extremely important for the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment of your child. After careful analysis of all the information gathered, a second visit is scheduled to explain all the existing problems, as well as to present a treatment plan with the relevant goals, devices ( brackets or aligners) and deadlines in which to be implemented. At every stage from diagnosis to completion of orthodontic treatment, we follow the process closely and strive to provide maximum comfort to our young patients.

Orthodontic treatment Orthodontic

In orthodontics, each case is strictly individual. There are anomalies that require us to start orthodontic treatment immediately and others whose treatment can be started at a later age. Orthodontic treatment can be a long process in which a doctor and patient work for a common cause - a healthy and beautiful smile for life. The problems we solve through orthodontic treatment are:

  • Dealing with bad habits and their consequences such as thumb sucking, pacifier, mouth breathing, etc.;

  • Early treatment in children - 7-9 years old to correct or eliminate the deformation at an early stage;

  • Skeletal discrepancy (between upper and lower jaw);

  • Crooked or poorly aligned teeth;

  • Bite and relationships between teeth;

  • Horizontal gap in the front (OJ);

  • Deep bite (OB);

  • Cross bite;

  • Narrow upper jaw;

  • Distorted midline.

In some cases, it is necessary to carry out the treatment in two stages, in between which there is a follow-up period. Early orthodontic treatment (Phase 1) - the first stage of treatment. It starts at about the age of 6, when the permanent molars (sixes) erupt and the child has erupted upper and lower 4 incisors. The goal of early treatment is to correct more serious deformities in about one year, because at this age children are at a growth spurt and corrections are easier. Following the early treatment, the follow-up period is very important. It is important to monitor the process of replacing temporary teeth with permanent ones and to assess when is the best time to start teenage treatment (Phase 2). Continuing orthodontic treatment (Phase 2) - this is the second stage. It starts when all permanent teeth have erupted. The goal is precise alignment of the teeth, correction of slight discrepancies in the bite and achieving a harmonious smile.

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