At Sky Dental KIDS, we focus on comprehensive care, which includes all methods and tools to eliminate the causes of dental diseases and their consequences.

We believe that healthy teeth are just as important as your child's overall health, so we put prevention at the heart of our practice. We have developed a special program that protects children's teeth from caries and guarantees the dental health of young and adult patients. It starts with nutritional prophylaxis, including tips for healthy and complete nutrition and avoidance of harmful foods, continues with the development of good oral hygiene - brushing teeth, cleaning tartar and plaque which includes highly effective methods of prevention, such as silanization and fluoride prophylaxis.

Silanization Silanization

Pit and fissure sealants are dental materials that are placed on the deep pits and depressions (fissures) of children's teeth and form a very thin, smooth and hard protective layer. Most often silanization is done on the first large permanent molars or the so-called by dentists - sixth teeth. The placement of sealant is:

  • Short procedure;

  • Absolutely painless;

  • Does not cause any discomfort to the child.

The placement of sealants is most effective when performed immediately after appearance of the tooth in the mouth, because the teeth erupt with incomplete mineralization, which lasts up to 2 years after its eruption. This is also the time when the tooth is most susceptible to the development of caries. With properly placed sealants, almost 100% protection against the development of caries on the chewing surfaces can be provided.

Silanization Fluoride prophylaxis

Fluoride prophylaxis is a method for protecting teeth from caries, suitable for all ages. Fluoride therapy is a direct application of fluoride solution in the form of varnish on the enamel surface of the teeth and is applied immediately after their eruption. It prevents the formation of caries, as it increases the degree of resistance of hard tooth structures and thus reduces the action of destructive factors, such as microorganisms, dental plaque and its substrate.

  • Preschool age

This is the period in which fluoride prophylaxis is introduced. It is recommended to maintain the application every 3 months. It is extremely important to perform it only on healthy teeth, and it is also necessary to follow a diet to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure.

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