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Our main goal in the treatment of children's teeth is to provide children and their parents with comfort and without fear to deal with the pain and the problems they have. It is extremely important for us that children do not associate their visits with negative emotions, so we strive to provide them with smooth and gentle care. Our young patients and their parents need to know that dental health is part of overall health, and pediatric dentists are their loyal friends who take good care of their dental health.

Pediatric orthodontics Pediatric

Orthodontics is a specialty that deals with the correction of interarch malalignment or deformities, as well improper arrangement of the teeth in the dental arches.

  • Preschool age

In the preschool period - from 4 to 7 years of age - is the best time for the first preventive examination by an orthodontist.

Orthodontic treatment is a long process that can take about a year. It requires great motivation and effort from the orthodontist to the parents and the little patient. In case of severe malalignment, we have to intervene and start early treatment at the beginning of the falling out of milky teeth and their replacement with permanent ones (around the sixth, seventh year), then wait for the formation of permanent dentition and then complete treatment. At Sky Dental Kids we take special time and attention to educate our patients and their parents.

  • School age

School age, before puberty, is the period when orthodontic treatment is most often performed to arrange the teeth in the dental arches. Our practice shows that the severity of the problem does not matter, because we have the experience and the necessary knowledge to deal with it together. It is good to remember that the devices and braces are for several years, and the beautiful smile achieved is for life.

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Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric

The child's dental health begins before birth. It starts with recommendations during and after pregnancy. The appearance of the first tooth at 6 months is the moment when oral care and hygiene should start. In early childhood the building blocks and foundations of dental health for life are outlined and enforced. The most common problems that occur in children are related to:

  • Caries;

  • Pulpitis;

  • Periodontitis.

The treatment of children's teeth also includes the treatment of caries and/or periodontitis of teeth with incomplete root development. An important part of pediatric dentistry is prevention and prophylaxis. It includes caries risk assessment, training in oral hygiene, applications of fluoride and remineralizing solutions and gels, sealing the chewing surface of children's teeth, as well as nutritional advice and prophylaxis.

At Sky Dental KIDS, we believe it's never too early to show your child the path to excellent oral health.

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Prevention and prophylaxis Prevention and

At Sky Dental Clinic it is extremely important to convince our patients and their parents of the importance of prevention and prophylaxis. It is important to know that healthy teeth are just as important as your child's overall health. Therefore, we would like to treat our children through prevention rather than treat caries and pulpitis. Frequent preventive examinations at 4 or 6 months can protect children's teeth from decay and loss. We have developed a special methodology that guarantees the dental health of your children. The tips you will receive for proper nutrition also help maintain healthy teeth.

There are different methods for prevention:

  • Routine medical examination;

  • Pit and fissure sealant;

  • Fluoride prophylaxis;

  • Nutritional prophylaxis.

Take advantage of these methods of prevention, because there is nothing better than a beautiful smile on your precious child’s face.

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A tiny smile is of great importance A tiny smile is
of great importance

At Sky Dental Kids, we believe that every child is special and requires personal care. This makes the individual approach the basis of our practice, which follows the latest methods for careful management of children's behavior.

Dental health and self-esteem of young patients is entrusted to dentists, closely specialized in pediatric prevention and treatment. We pay special attention and patience to our patients. This guarantees complete and high-quality dental treatment and prevention, which in our opinion is the only way to a healthy smile for your child.

  • Professional care;

  • Comprehensive approach;

  • Modern equipment;

  • Experience in working with children of different ages.

Sky Dental KIDS is equipped with the latest equipment and techniques, using only the latest generation of anesthetics and materials, but most importantly, there is complete clarity about each stage of treatment.

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